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Explaining the Emphasis on EPC's in Jersey

Energy Performance Certificates are becoming more prominent across media in Jersey. But what are EPC's and more importantly why do you need them?

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are reports that provide information about the energy efficiency of a property. They are commonly used in the real estate and construction industries to assess and communicate the energy performance of buildings. Here are some key points about Energy Performance Certificates:

  1. Energy Efficiency Assessment: EPCs include an assessment of the energy efficiency of a building, taking into account factors such as insulation, heating systems, lighting, and other energy-related features.

  2. Grading System: The energy efficiency of a property is typically graded on a scale from A to G, with 'A' being the most energy-efficient and 'G' being the least. The certificate also includes recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the property.

  3. Legal Requirement: In many countries, it is a legal requirement to have an EPC when selling or renting out a property. The idea is to provide potential buyers or tenants with information about the energy efficiency of a property, allowing them to make more informed decisions. Jerseys Carbon Neutral roadmap below outlines when an EPC will become mandatory, currently stated at the end of 2024.

  4. Validity Period: EPCs have a validity period, usually lasting for a certain number of years. When the certificate expires, a new assessment may be required, especially if the property is being sold or rented out again.

  5. Environmental Impact: EPCs not only focus on energy efficiency but also provide information on the environmental impact of the property in terms of carbon emissions. This can be valuable for those interested in reducing their carbon footprint.

  6. Improvement Recommendations: The EPC typically includes recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the property. These suggestions can range from simple measures like installing energy-efficient lighting to more significant upgrades such as improving insulation or upgrading heating systems.

Energy Performance Certificates play a crucial role in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment. They provide valuable information to property owners, buyers, and tenants, encouraging the implementation of energy-efficient measures in buildings.

Is there an urgency to getting your EPC? With pending legislation there are some key reasons why getting an EPC sooner rather than later is a good idea. Primarily down to cost as currently there are grants available. Our partner Bailiwick EPC is a fully EPC accredited provider in Jersey and are currently offering an EPC for the price of the Government Grant. This grant likely won't be available forever and so booking it now makes sense. You can find everything you need here:

The second reason why acting fast is well articulated in an article by Carey Olsen here. In summary, when this regulation comes into play there will be a surge of demand when selling and renting property.

As always please reach out to use if we can help provide any further information



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