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Strengthening Your Property Sale with Alexander Carmine Estates: A Seamless Combination of Valuation and Energy Performance Certification

Updated: Jan 24

In the dynamic world of real estate, every advantage counts when it comes to selling your property. One such advantage that sets Alexander Carmine Estates apart is their in-house expertise, specifically the inclusion of Energy Performance Certificate provider Bailiwick EPC in their services.

This unique offering allows homeowners to not only obtain an accurate property valuation but also simultaneously secure an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in line with the current Jersey Government EPC Grant.** The synergy between valuation and energy efficiency recommendations makes this opportunity a game-changer for those looking to enhance their property's appeal in the market.

The inclusion of Bailiwick EPC within the Alexander Carmine Estates umbrella streamlines the selling process by providing homeowners with a comprehensive understanding of their property's market value and its energy performance. An EPC is a crucial element for any home sale, offering potential buyers insight into the property's energy efficiency and environmental impact. Learn more here

With Alexander Carmine Estates, our customers can obtain both services seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

What makes this offering particularly enticing is the opportunity for homeowners to receive not just a valuation and EPC but also personalised recommendations on energy improvements. The in-house experts at Bailiwick EPC can assess your property and suggest enhancements that not only increase its appeal from an energy efficiency standpoint but also potentially elevate its overall market value. This integrated approach aligns with the growing trend of environmentally conscious homebuyers who prioritise energy-efficient features.

The convenience of obtaining these services together is not just a time-saving measure; it's a strategic move to position your property optimally in the competitive real estate landscape. By addressing both valuation and energy efficiency in one go, homeowners can present a well-rounded and attractive offering to potential buyers


Choosing Alexander Carmine Estates for your property valuation and EPC needs, with the added benefit of personalised energy efficiency recommendations, is a smart move in today's real estate market. It's an opportunity to maximise the appeal of your property, enhance its market value, and stand out as a seller who goes the extra mile to provide a holistic and valuable offering to prospective buyers.

Please drop me a line at or 07797893605 if I can help share more detail on this offering


** Please note the current Jersey Government grant system is due to change. Until this point we will offer our EPC's for the price of the grant


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