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Why Alexander Carmine Estates? Part 1


Navigating the process of buying or selling your home in Jersey requires careful consideration when selecting a Real Estate Agent. The choice is often overwhelming, as you weigh options between well-established firms and emerging, innovative agents. In this crucial decision-making moment, we invite you to explore the core values of Alexander Carmine Estates; a commitment that transcends mere words on a page and is firmly rooted in extensive experience.

The core of Alexander Carmine Estate is our customers. The process of house completions in Jersey can have many twists and turns and this needs an agent who is receptive, engaged and truly understands the needs of both the purchaser and the vendor.

In 2022 Danny met a couple Max & Elissa who were looking for a new family home. Danny showed them an abundance of properties which were in many ways aligned to what they felt was important features of their next home. However there was something missing in these viewings, Danny took the time to sit down with Max & Elissa and capture what were the 'must have's'

Danny was aware that what Max and Elissa were looking for wasn't available on the book of properties he held. Instead of sitting back and moving onto a new customer or wait for the right property to come along, Danny proactively engaged with his network and wider Jersey Community. With careful navigation Danny was able to source a property that was perfect and ticked the boxes for Max and Elissa.

The transaction had its sensitivities and needed to be managed carefully. Danny was the conduit between both lawyers, the vendor and Max & Elissa to create a journey that would support everyone. There was a timing issue and Danny worked through the sale completion with a 'rent back' option for the vendor until they were ready to move home.

With patience, communication and a robust plan the property transaction completed through the Royal Court in December 2022. Max and Elissa's feedback was 'we were both impressed and delighted to have Danny leading the way on our property purchase - completing just in time for Christmas'

Sounds simple when you read it back, however this transaction was only possible because Danny cared enough about his customers to make it happen. This is the first value that is firmly embedded in Alexander Carmine Estates.

If you are a purchaser looking for your next property please do contact us and we will work hard to find you that perfect home. If you are selling your home be reassured that Danny and the team at Alexander Carmine Estates will be there every step of the way. With a network of potential purchasers and a proactive marketing strategy it would be a perfect partnership.


**Please note names have been changed


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